Performance Medicine Clinic Questions and Answers

The medical professionals at Men’s Health of Mississippi focus on the optimization of performance in the physical, mental, emotional and sexual aspects in men near Madison, MS. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Performance Medicine Clinic Me in Madison, MS
Performance Medicine Clinic Me in Madison, MS

What is performance medicine?

Performance medicine, sometimes also referred to as sports medicine, is an area within the umbrella of clinical and diagnostic medicine that aims to optimize the body so it can work, thrive, and perform to the best of its ability. It is meant to elicit the highest, most ideal level of emotional, mental, and physical performance from an individual.

Performance medicine is grounded in the idea that the functions of the body’s main systems (the immune system, nervous system, hormonal, digestive system, etc.) are responsible for how we adapt to and thrive in our environment. In general, performance medicine aims to “hack” into and work with these systems in order to get the best result for the patient in both their everyday life, and their long-term physical and mental goals and pursuits.

At Men’s Health of Mississippi, we have specialists on our team that are trained in performance medicine. If you’re interested in what performance medicine can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

Is performance medicine a new branch of medicine?

While performance medicine itself is not new, it is newer to the general population. Performance medicine has long been associated solely with high-level, high performance athletes, but it has more recently become popular among everyday patients, as they see the myriad benefits in the performance medicine philosophy.

Performance medicine largely evolved from integrative as well as sports medicine, which focuses on how to optimize and “hack” the body’s natural systems and balances in order to achieve the best results. The idea of performance doesn’t have to be exclusive to athletes. Everyday, our body has to perform certain tasks, whether that’s leading a meeting at work, completing a difficult workout, or accomplishing basic but necessary life activities such as cleaning, gardening, or even getting a good night’s sleep. The philosophies of performance medicine can benefit the everyday person who wants to look and feel their best.

What does performance medicine treat?

Performance medicine can help treat and manage issues related to your physical, mental, emotional and sexual health. If you find that you’re lacking energy during your daily workouts, are feeling sluggish, have trouble sleeping at night, or want more satisfaction and vitality in your sex life, there are tenets of performance medicine that can help.

Whether it’s incorporating new ways of eating and nutrition into your life, regulating your sleep cycle, using supplements right for your body, or understanding what exercises your body specifically needs, there’s an approach that can work for you. Performance medicine takes a more integrated, holistic approach. Instead of simply prescribing a pill or one-note treatment for issues, performance medicine looks at getting to the root cause, and helping you optimize your body so you can address your needs sustainably over the long term.

What is the benefit of performance medicine?

Performance medicine has many benefits, the main one being that it is specifically designed to have you thriving in every area of your life, and approaching your needs and goals in a way that is optimized specifically for you and your life situation.

At Men’s Health of Mississippi, we have specialists trained in performance medicine that can help you meet your goals with this approach. Often, patients have struggled with certain issues for a long time, and have tried different medications or treatments with little or no success. With performance medicine, we can help you understand the underlying causes of your issues, as well as empower you with the information about what works best for your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about what performance medicine can do for you.

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