Primary Care Clinic for Men Questions and Answers

Come and visit Men’s Health of Mississippi for primary care in Madison, MS. We have doctors to help with men’s healthcare needs. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Primary Care Physician Near Me in Madison, MS
Primary Care Physician Near Me in Madison, MS

At Men’s Health of Mississippi Urgent Care, you’ll find the primary care you need for a healthy, long life. We can prevent illness to keep you well and keep your medical expenses low, and we’re here for you 5 days a week. Connect with us or come visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you as your men’s primary care clinic in Madison, MS.

What is a primary care clinic?

This type of medical clinic provides primary care. With this kind of care, you’ll have first-contact care, preventive care, and continual care all from one primary care doctor. At a primary care clinic, you can:

  • Have common health conditions like the flu or minor sprains diagnosed and treated
  • Receive services to help prevent common and chronic conditions
  • Get help with managing an existing chronic condition like diabetes
  • Get general health advice
  • Receive referrals to see specialists if necessary

It’s important to have primary care because the services above are invaluable, and over time, a primary care doctor will understand your health better and better, so the doctor will be better able to identify any health issues that arise.

What specialties are in primary care for men?

There are actually several different specialties within the field of primary care. The one you choose will depend on your particular needs. There is:

  • Internal medicine – For adults and older patients, especially those with chronic conditions
  • Men’s Health – For men dealing with conditions like ED.
  • General medicine – For more general medicine, including many family medicine and urgent care services

How much does a primary care visit cost?

Generally, primary care is affordable for most patients. It’s recommended that you go see your primary care physician once every 6 months for a checkup, but this can vary depending on your health. At Men’s Health of Mississippi, we use a medical model which allows us to spend much more time with the patient. We are not bound by insurance models and regulations. Our model is direct primary care. Our members pay a monthly membership fee to which gives them access to personalized primary care with concierge service.

Do you have a men’s primary care clinic in Madison, MS?

We do! We’re located over at 120 Fountains Blvd, Suite 1001

Madison, MS 39110, and you can reach us at (601) 440-2206. Give us a call to learn more or to book a meet-and-greet with one of medical professionals. We serve patients from Madison MS, Jackson MS, Flowood MS, Brandon MS, Ridgeland MS, Florence MS, Richland MS, Byram MS, Terry MS, Clinton MS, Vicksburg MS and Flora MS. Looking forward to serve you!